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Blogpost: Social Media for Visual Artists

We all know social media is a bottomless pit and a black hole for your time. You check your Instagram for just a moment and when you close the app half an hour has gone by without you having noticed. Your Facebook feed basically does the same thing..

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Blogpost: Zines, A new obsession, unleash creativity!

A couple of days ago I came across the phenomenon called zines. Seeing as how I've been trying to reconnect with my creative authenticity recently, this feels right up my alley! Needless to say, I dove headfirst into "the YouTubes" and what I saw made me so very happy!

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April 2021
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Learning from Mistakes

The short of it is..I managed to miscommunicate with my website hosting company and the result is that the wrong part of my website was deleted and can't be recovered.

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February 2021

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