Buy me a Tea

Published on 28 April 2021 at 12:17

So, a while ago I came across this really cool platform called Buy me a Coffee.

It's a platform that lets you support creators doing what they love to do; create!


How?  By buying them a "coffee" or "pizza" or "book" or in my case a "tea", a small one of donation just to show you appreciate their work.

You can also support on a monthly or yearly basis with a subscription, these subscriptions usually come with perks, and a creator can set different sorts of subscriptions offering different things to their supporters.

For instance, I just set up my first member subscription level, the "Tea Club"!

It's €3,- per month or €30,- per year.

It comes with the following membership offerings;
- access to exclusive behind the scenes and work in progress posts
- hang out with me in my art space through live videos and talk to others on my Discord server
- receive discount coupons for my shop and extras

I'm slowly building my Buy me a Coffee page with more cool things. I want to add another member level offering digital downloads to my members. And another level offering physical items. I'm curious to see where this will take me!

x Sylvia

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