Where are you located?

I'm in the Netherlands :)

Why is everything in English? 

Because my audience is international! 

Ik kan ook gewoon in het Nederlands communiceren hoor :). Dus als je contact met me opneemt kan dat ook gewoon in NL.

Webshop and/or Etsy?

When I started selling my handmade items and designs online I started on Etsy. "Way back when" Etsy had just started and was still about the small handmade businesses and makers, I really liked it there. The atmosphere was amazing, and the fees were normal.

In the last few years I've watched them develop into what they are today, and honestly, I don't really like it. But it has grown as a platform. People go to "Etsy" to buy, and they can still come across my products there and people all over the world trust their easy to use system.

Also, they have the tax stuff automated, so that means less hassle for me.

So I'm not letting go of it entirely, I am using it for international custumers, outside of the EU. EU customers can get better prices buying directly from my own website since I don't have to calculate in Etsy's fees. (My Etsy prices are just a little higher due to this)


Print on demand.

Some of my products are printed on demand.

What does this mean? It means that when you place your order, your order is directed to my production partner who will fulfill your order for me and send it to you. My partner has locations all over the world and will fulfill and ship to you from the location closest to you. 

Why? Because I can't make those products myself, I don't have the equipment or the space. Also it means that there is no overstock, and I can keep shipping costs and emission as low as possible.


Studio Strix / Owl and Apple Tree Studio
KvK handelsregister (NL) : 

BTW ID : NL002175994B39

Vestigingsadres: Nicolaas Pieckstraat 55, 3232BP Brielle, Nederland