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Published on 29 February 2024 at 23:06

Hey All!

I am currently working behind the scenes to re-do the online shop(s). Which means that at this moment only the digital download shop is open.

I am figuring out how I want to approach shipping and taxes. I have a couple of options;

  1. Use the webshop only for customers in the Netherlands and do all international sales through Etsy.
  2. Use the webshop for customers in Europe (EU countries), and all other countries through Etsy.
  3. Figure out how to sell internationally on both platforms.

I think I will be focusing on nr 2 first. Etsy's fees are "high" but they do collect and remit VAT to the relevant countries. Which would save me a headache or two.

I'm also a fan of not putting all your eggs in just one basket. Etsy does generate some traffic, plus I understand if people trust that platform more for their purchases then a standalone website.

Also, I am not happy with my current portfolio, I am working on that and choosing on what product types I want to offer. What I can produce myself, what I need to use partners for and how I will process that ( buy stock/print on demand...etc) 

So yeah, a lot of figuring out to do!


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